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FACTION Defensive Tactics


Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day in order to keep our communities safe. It is no easy task balancing your use of force in a manner that is justified and in which insures you are able to go home to your family. It's especially difficult in today's world where everyone has a camera and every action you take is heavily scrutinized.

Your defensive training needs to be easily utilized under stress in order to protect yourself and should also be legally justifiable in today's ever watching world.

The training you receive through FACTION Combatives is a mixture of the practical and effective techniques and concepts from systems such as Kembativz, Martial Blade Concepts and Krav Maga.

The skills you will learn through FACTION are effective uses of simple body mechanics for self-protection. You learn techniques and concepts that are universally effective in a wide variety of situations. It doesn't make sense to learn 20 responses to similar attacks. Instead, learn a few responses that work for the majority. Those are the skills you train so you can rely on them when your life is on the line.

Train smarter, not harder.