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Women’s Kickboxing - Classes for Women in Mesa AZ

Womens kickboxing in mesa, AZ. Women throws kick at pad held by Coach Steve DeArmon at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym.

     Our women's kickboxing classes blend together a mix of technique, cardio kickboxing & self-defense to give you the ultimate workout experience.

     Faction Combat is proud to announce our all new women’s kickboxing classes. If you are looking for an excellent full body workout that encompasses cardio, strength & conditioning and the fundamentals of self defense, you have certainly come to the right place. Learning how to kickbox in a welcoming setting is a great way to shred fat while having fun in the process and our kickboxing classes for women are designed with that in mind.

Faction Combat Kickboxing - Women Kickboxers Classes

     At Faction Combat we love teaching the fundamentals of kickboxing. Women kickboxers have been dominating promotions worldwide and you can learn all of the kickboxing techniques that brought them to the forefront of combat sports in our kickboxing women's classes. From basic combinations & setups, to elbow strikes and extremely effective leg kicks - we cover them all in our weekly women's kickboxing training routines.

     If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level and achieve your dream physique, then look no further than our womens kickboxing classes. During class you will learn how to throw strikes in the most effective manner, train with your fellow classmates on the fundamentals and get in a true full body workout. Contact us today and sign up for your free introductory class in kickboxing for women. Gilbert, Queen Creek and Mesa area residents rely on Faction Combat for all of their martial arts training.

womens kickboxing classes in mesa - women fighter throws round house kick at coach Steve DeArmond

Mesa Arizona Women's Kickboxing Classes

womens kickboxing classes at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym, practicing throwing knees and kicks on pads.

     If you live in Mesa, Gilbert or the Queen Creek area and want the best workout of your life, come down for one of our women’s kickboxing classes. You will not only get a fantastic full body workout that is proven to increase your fitness levels, but enjoy learning the fundamentals of one of the best martial arts for self defense. Your safety is important and knowing how to protect yourself physically has never been more important than in our current political and ideological environment.

     Training amongst your peers alongside our expert coaches you will not only learn the basics of self defense - you will build self confidence in the process. When learning kickboxing - woman, man or child - you will see that we are all in this together and that martial arts can help you on your journey in life. If this sounds interesting to you, then come by our gym and drop in for one of our women’s kickboxing classes - you won't regret it!

Learn the Fundamentals with a Killer Workout in our Kickboxing Classes for Women

     Do you want to get in shape? Are you bored of running, jogging or working out on an elliptical? Then you will love our kickboxing classes for women. Kickboxing is an exciting way to burn calories while learning new skills in an open environment amongst your peers. Learn the fundamentals of striking whilst getting in amazing cardio and strength training. 

     There are a ton of reasons to get involved in martial arts in general. For one there have been many studies regarding the positive effects of martial arts training for mental health. Pushing yourself to understand the connection between your body and mind while getting out of your comfort zone and learning can be extremely beneficial. Contact us today if you are interested in starting your martial arts with one of our women’s kickboxing classes.

kickboxing classes for women in Mesa, AZ - self defense for girls

Cardio Kickboxing Classes - Women’s Kickboxing Gilbert AZ

kickboxing for woman in Mesa - class of women hitting punching bags at Faction Combat.

     In recent years the popularity of kickboxing has been on the rise. Kickboxing is bar none one of the best workout regimes around and works out every muscle group while also increasing hand to eye coordination. With the boom in popularity due to martial arts losing the stigma and becoming regularly televised, you will have plenty of great training partners.

     Kickboxing is an excellent way to push your fitness level as well as mental capacity for combat. In today’s world you can never be too careful, which is one of the reasons we encompass real self defense training in our women’s kickboxing classes. In our kickboxing classes for women you will learn the basics in one of the worlds most effective striking martial arts. Our classes are open format, so you will have fun while also learning new skills with your peers in a welcoming setting.

Women's Kickboxing for Self Defense

     We offer specialty women’s kickboxing classes that teach our students how to defend themselves in real world situations. Learning proper striking techniques is easy with Faction Combat’s expert striking coaches. From simple techniques such as how to properly hold your hand to make a fist and wrist to avoid injury while delivering an effective blow to more complex theory such as combinations and set ups - you will learn best practices in our kickboxing classes for women. Kickboxers have a deep understanding of hand to hand, close quarters combat and we will pass that knowledge down to you.

     Learning a martial art is an excellent way to make sure that you are ready for an adverse situation in real life. Having the confidence of knowing you understand the baseline mechanics of striking can not only make you feel more comfortable day to day, it can help reduce anxiety and the stresses of everyday life. Working out in general is a proven way to improve your overall mindset, with exercise now often being prescribed by doctors in place of prescription drugs. At Faction Combat your first class is on the house, so come down to the gym for one of our exclusive classes for women. Kickboxing gloves and other necessary equipment needed to train are provided, so you don’t have to take any monetary risk to get a great workout.

kickboxing for womens self defense - classes in kickboxing Mesa AZ for girls and women.

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life - Kickboxing Classes for Women

Steve DeArmon teaching womens kickboxing for self defense in Mesa

     Kickboxing is one of the best ways to get in fantastic shape in short order. During our womens kickboxing classes you will work out every muscle group, build strength & fitness, shred fat and gain muscle. Kickboxing is a fantastic way to break the monotony of the everyday work out and learn new skills. Break away from the boredom and drop in for one of our kickboxing classes for women and see why it has become such a popular workout in recent years.


     You’ll have blast training in our top notch facility while working out your entire body in a fun and engaging class. Push yourself to the next level in one of the world's most famous martial arts while picking up new skills along the way. Working out doesn’t have to be a pain - at Faction Combat you will gain great experience in martial arts and build real life self defense skills. Get in contact with us today and see why our kickboxing classes in Mesa AZ are the best workout the area has to offer.

Meet Your Women's Kickboxing Instructor

Womens Kickboxing coach Cece Vde at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym, coaching kickboxing classes for women.

     Cece Vde is the Faction Combat Women's Kickboxing Instructor. Cece has been involved with martial arts for over a decade. Having started in dance at a young age, expressive movement has always been a major part of her routine and life.

     For the past 10 years, Cece has been training in Muay Thai, with additional training in Kyokushin karate and Arnis. Cece brings her wealth of fitness, martial arts, and movement experience to offer a complete women's kickboxing class for self-defense, fitness, and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Women's kickboxing in Mesa, AZ. Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym kickboxing classes for women.

Is kickboxing good for women?

     Of course. Kickboxing is good for anyone that wants to get a great workout, learn to protect themselves or get into competitive martial arts. There are also several forms of kickboxing for participants to learn, all with different nuances. Discipline, self confidence, physical & mental strength, cardio and general fitness will all improve by enrolling in women’s kickboxing classes. So is kickboxing good for women? The answer is yes.


What does kickboxing do to a woman's body?

     Taking kickboxing classes for women will result in an overall increase in physical fitness, strength, hand to eye coordination and mental aptitude. Women’s kickboxing classes are a great way to learn new skills while engaging with your peers and getting into incredible shape. The full body workout that kickboxing provides is one of the most efficient ways to shred fat and build muscle.


Is kickboxing good for shredding belly fat?

Kickboxing is an excellent full body workout. One of the biggest benefits of using your legs to throw kicks is the use of your core. Working out the core is automatic when you are working out in women’s kickboxing classes, men’s classes and co-ed kickboxing classes. If you want to get rid of your belly, kickboxing is a great way to do so.


Is kickboxing good to lose weight?

     Yes. Attending regular women’s kickboxing classes or co-ed classes is an extremely effective way to attack your weightloss journey. Being in a supportive environment while doing a full body workout is a great way to shred fat and build your overall fitness. Any martial art is going to help you on your weightloss journey, but kickboxing’s natural interval training style is very effective.

How long does it take to see results from kickboxing?

     This depends on how often you are training. If you attend kickboxing classes for women, men or co-ed 5 days a week, you should see fast improvement in your overall skills. For those who are training for competition, a coach will let you know how often you should train.


Kickboxing Classes in Mesa, AZ

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