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Kickboxing Mesa AZ - Adult Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing in Mesa AZ - coach Maiston holds pads during kickboxing class at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym.

     Are you looking for the most optimal workout while also learning the art of kickboxing? Then you have come to the right place for adult kickboxing classes, kickboxing classes for kids and students of all levels. Here, you will learn kickboxing fundamentals in a fun and exciting atmosphere amongst people of all ages and skill levels. 

     From learning the essential kickboxing basics to high level professional technique - you will leave satisfied knowing that you got a great workout while learning new things. Contact us today or swing by the gym and see why Faction Combatives is known for the best classes in a variety of martial arts including kickboxing - Mesa AZ area fitness enthusiasts and kickboxers alike rely on our expert training and classes to achieve their goals.

Note: our adult kickboxing class has been merged with our adult Muay Thai class.

Our women's-only kickboxing classes are still offered as a standalone class.

Kickboxing for Beginners - Classes for All Ages

Beginner kickboxing classes in Mesa, AZ. Coach Maiston hitting pads with Coach Steve

     Everyone has to start somewhere in their martial arts journey and that's precisely why we have designed the right programs when it comes to kickboxing for beginners. Classes will have a range of students of all skill levels. This format gives you the opportunity to push yourself, your kickboxing fitness, techniques and overall understanding of the sport.

     Our expert kickboxing trainers have put in the time to become who they are, and they are here to pass that knowledge onto you in our kickboxing classes. Whether you are looking to get into training for competition in the sport, or just want some killer cardio - kickboxing classes with Faction Combatives will deliver the results you want.

Do You Want to Kick Box? Class Enrollment is Fast and Easy

Kickboxing in Mesa AZ, coach Maiston demonstrating roundhouse kick on punching bag

     No matter your reason for wanting to kick box - class starts today! Our kickboxing trainers will not only teach you how to compete in the ring, we will teach you how to use what you learn in real life situations in our kickboxing classes. Mesa AZ is not the most dangerous city by any measure, but it is still a city and crime does happen - when it does, we want you to have the tools to defend yourself in the safest possible manner.

     At Faction Combatives, we set ourselves apart from other kickboxing schools in the area with our unique approach to training - we work the real world combat angle into our kickboxing classes. Having an excellent understanding of your own body and mind is a major part of martial arts; knowing how to apply your training in real time, during a stressful situation, is another skill altogether. Give us a call or contact us through the website to see what our kickboxing classes are all about!

Kickboxing Classes - Mesa AZ Competitive Kickboxing Training

kickboxing training in Mesa AZ - kickboxing competition sparring class with students sparring.

     When it comes to kickboxing classes, Mesa AZ based Faction Combatives is your home for competition training. Whether you are looking to train for your first amateur kickboxing match, are planning to enter a tournament, turn pro or are just in the Mesa area and looking for a place to get in some good rounds with top level kickboxing trainers - we have everything you need in our training center.


     Come in and prepare yourself in one of our kickboxing classes to get warmed up and later train one on one to focus on your kickboxing fitness with our expert trainer Scott Decker. After all, there is a lot more to winning a competitive kickboxing match than skill and technique alone - you need to be prepared to be pushed past that point; to the place where only your training, cardio and fitness will get your hand raised at the end of the fight. Are you interested in getting your fitness up to par for your first fight? Then get in contact today and see what our kickbox cardio class can do to get you ready for the deep waters of competition.

What to Expect at Your First Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing class in Mesa AZ for beginners - what to expect at your first kickboxing class.

     Our general kickboxing classes are designed around the idea of cardio kickboxing combined with real-world fight skills. Classes will include kickboxing basics, strikes, head movement and much more - and will also improve your level of fitness during your training. 


     Why waste time running on treadmills and elliptical machines in an overpriced gym when you can get a proven full body workout that will bring your cardio to the next level. Our kickboxing programs are designed for all levels and ages to get the right workout for every student.

     If you are wondering what to expect at your first kickboxing class, you are in good hands. Our fitness based kickboxing classes offer a welcoming environment for you to begin your journey in kickboxing. There are many reasons why people decide to take kickboxing classes - some come for cardio, where others come to learn technique and sharpen their fitness regime. All are welcome here at Faction Combatives so come by today and see what we have to offer!

Learn How to Kickbox - Cardio Class and Fitness with Kickboxing Fundamentals

kickboxing fundamentals class in Mesa, AZ. Student throws leg kick during sparring.

     If you're looking for the most complete workout to achieve your fitness goals, you'll find what you are looking for in kickboxing. Cardio class can only get you so far - kickboxing classes with Faction Combatives will take you to the next level. Kickboxing is an extremely effective way to bring your fitness journey up a notch with a true full body workout. From building your core strength, to working out your legs, arms, back, chest and abs all in the same class - you will most certainly get the results you are after.

     Not only do kickboxing classes help you with fitness and cardio, they help with your overall confidence, self esteem and mental health. Working out with your peers of all skill levels in the same class gives everyone the opportunity to be both the teacher and the student. What you learn and perfect, you can use to help bring other students to another level - we are all in this together. Come down and join one of our kickboxing classes. If you like what you see and enjoy the class then signing up with us is easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Kickboxing class in Mesa - students sparring throwing head kick and blocking.

Are kickboxing classes actually worth it?

     The short answer is yes. Kickboxing classes are an excellent way to get yourself into incredible shape. If you are wondering what to expect at your first kickboxing class, the best way to start is by doing an online search for kickboxing for beginners near me. There should be a lot of results for local kickboxing trainers and gyms. Contact them directly and ask what their kickboxing workouts entail. If it all sounds like something you are interested in, the next step is to visit the gym and see if the atmosphere is right for you. If you aren't getting what you are looking for out of the gym's kickboxing classes, then there are alway other gyms to try out.

Are kickboxing classes good for beginners?

     Kickboxing classes are great for martial artists of all skill levels. Some kickboxing schools will offer classes for beginners only, but the best way to learn kickboxing fundamentals is to train in an open format class with students of all levels. Martial arts in general may have a spirit of competition, but camaraderie is a major part of learning kickboxing basics - most students will be happy to help you along the way. A lot of people think that kickboxing is a solo journey, which can make beginners feel intimidated. That may be true if you are a competitor once you are in the ring, but it truly is a team effort leading up to that point - and beyond. If you are a beginner, you will find most gyms hospitable and welcoming.

Will kickboxing get me in better shape?

     One of the best ways to bring your fitness and cardio to the next level is by taking kickboxing classes. Not only will kickboxing training help to get you in shape, it will also build your overall strength - both in mind and body. To truly practice any martial art, you must also train your mind. While you learn kickboxing fundamentals, you will also be getting a fantastic workout in the process. This is just one of the many reasons kickboxing has become so popular for fitness gurus and beginners alike in recent years.

Are kickboxing classes good for weight loss?

     Yes, kickboxing classes will help you on your weight loss journey. Learning and executing kickboxing basics will push you on many levels including your cardio, strength and overall fitness. This full body workout is a great way to get into shape while also having fun in the process. Just running on a treadmill in a gym with your air pods in can get very boring. Training in kickboxing is a great way to mix things up in your workout routine.

How much are kickboxing classes?

     The price of kickboxing classes will vary depending on the gym and whether or not you sign up for a monthly plan or go in on a walk in basis. Most kickboxing schools will offer a membership that gives you access to all classes, as well as to the gym itself when it is open. You can also do an online search for how much are kickboxing classes, this will help to narrow down the results.


Kickboxing Classes in Mesa, AZ

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