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Use the gym, hit bags and train with members and friends


Select times to use the full facility to workout and train skills

Jiu Jitsu Open Mat in Mesa, AZ at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym.

The study hall style Open Mat is a great opportunity to spend some time honing your skills. You can workout in the fitness room, hit bags or even train on the floor space with other members. Open mat does not include any instruction, but the coach on staff may be willing to help with questions, if they are available. 

Want to train with non-member friends during Open Mat? No problem. Have them fill out the "FREE CLASS" form, set up their profile (check email), sign the waiver and buy our Faction Club Day Pass. Now they have access to train with you for the day. Including buying Drop-Ins for the various programs. If they return to train with you again, they just need to login to their account and buy another Faction Club Day Pass for that day.

Minors are permitted to use Open Mat time with parent/guardian supervision.


Use the fitness facility or hit bags

Open Mat for BJJ and MMA in Mesa, AZ at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts Gym.

Take advantage of our fitness facility / weight room. During Faction's operating hours, you can use the gym. There is limited space, so make sure to register a spot for yourself to make sure you can make use of the facility without it being over crowded. To use this facility, minors must be 13 years or older and be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Want to get some reps hitting bags? You can make use of our heavy bags and other equipment throughout most of the day during Faction's operating hours. Because the bags can be a distraction to kids, bags are not permitted to be worked on during Kids Class times, unless otherwise permitted by the coach. Besides that, please simply respect the priority for classes that need to use the bags and you can use them whenever they are available.


Open Gym and Jiu-Jitsu Open Mat in Mesa, AZ

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