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Muay Thai Classes

Fitness & Competition Muay Thai in Mesa, AZ

Muay Thai in Mesa AZ. Coach Steve holding pads for women's muay thai class

     Muay Thai is one of the most infamous martial arts around in today's world. MMA fighters will almost without exception have Muay Thai training as a major portion of their fight preparation. But you don't need to be a professional fighter to enjoy the benefits of training in Muay Thai. Arizona has long been a home to combat sports and at Faction Combatives we are here to teach students of all levels in the art of Muay Thai. 


     Whether you are looking to compete in Muay Thai or MMA, want to learn how to protect yourself or simply want to incorporate this martial art into your fitness routine - you have found the right Muay Thai gym to suit your needs.


     Our expert trainer Gabe Guerrero has the experience and competitive know-how to teach students of all levels how to use the art of "Eight Limbs" effectively - all within the same Muay Thai classes.

Fitness, Self-Defense, and Competition Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai in Mesa - class hitting pads at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym

     Many people incorporate martial arts into their fitness regimen. The full body workout coupled with excellent cardio that our Arizona Muay Thai classes provide will not only help to get you fit, but teach you an age old method of self defense.


     Muay Thai was developed thousands of years ago and has its origins in Muay Khmer, the Cambodian martial art where many of the Muay Thai kicks used today were learned. The modern Muay Thai boxing gym still teaches many ancient techniques such as the teep kick, which is an excellent way to keep distance from your opponent set up a Muay Thai roundhouse kick. This is likely why many people refer to it as the jab of Thai boxing!

     Our classes are designed to incorporate the aspects of Muay Thai into our students' lives that will have the most effect - beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional level athletes will benefit from our Muay Thai classes.


     At Faction Combat, we place a heavy focus on learning martial arts to protect yourself and your family, as well as preparing students for tournaments, competitions and professional fighting. Get in contact today and get started with the best Muay Thai training AZ has to offer!

Muay Thai for Beginners

Muay Thai class in mesa hitting pads taking turns training at Faction Combat MMA Gym

     There is no time like the present to start your Muay Thai practice. Unlike some gyms, we incorporate our Muay Thai beginners class within our general class. So what does that mean? It means you will have the opportunity to train with high level practitioners in this monumental martial art as well as fellow beginners - all in a non-intimidating environment amongst your peers. We are all the same when we are in the gym, everyone is here to learn as well as pass the lessons they have already learned onto their fellow student.

     Our Muay Thai program in Arizona is suitable for students of all levels and everyone is welcome to get involved in this world renowned martial art. Beginner Muay Thai doesn't have to be intimidating and we pride ourselves on being inclusive of students of all levels in our programs.


     Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts Gym is a place to learn and grow while building strength, confidence and self respect through your practice of Muay Thai. Mesa AZ and its populous have been extremely receptive to our gym, trainers and coaches and we reciprocate by offering the best in martial arts and self defense training. Come by the gym and see what we have to offer to any beginner Muay Thai enthusiast, you wont regret it!

Muay Thai Competition Training

Muay Thai in Mesa at Faction Combat - Coach Gabe fighting Muay Thai in the ring

     Muay Thai is the national sport of the Kingdom of Thailand, so competition is sewn into the fabric of this extremely effective mixed martial art. Standup striking in general takes on many forms with some taking more influence from competitive karate and Taekwondo - yet Muay Thai is a martial art all its own.


     The art of eight limbs refers to the Muay Thai practitioners ability to incorporate elbows and knees into their attack, there are also multiple types of clinches and sweeps - making this form of fighting far superior to its western counterparts in many people's eyes.

     When you train at our Muay Thai boxing gym, you will learn how to effectively apply these techniques in competition - be it in amateurs, tournaments or professional Muay Thai bouts.


     We will prepare you for your next opponent and push you to be your absolute best - after all, if you are training hard enough then the fight itself is easy. Get in touch with us to find out how we can prepare you with our Muay Thai program in Arizona and make sure your hand is raised at the end of the fight!

Muay Thai Self-Defense

Muay Thai class learning self defense at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym in Mesa AZ

     Training in Muay Thai kickboxing will undoubtedly prepare you to nullify conflict in the real world. One of the best parts about Muay Thai is learning the skills to keep an opponent at distance and avoid injury to yourself or others. It is much better to stop an attacker with well timed kicks to the legs and body than it is to take the risk of knocking them out and potentially causing serious bodily harm, or worse having them become comatose or even die. 

     Violence on the streets often occurs in places that have plenty of hazards. The last thing you want is to end up in jail because your attacker hit their head on a fire hydrant or even just concrete as a result of you separating them from consciousness. Muay Thai is about measures of control.


     If your attacker finds themselves temporarily unable to walk due to a well timed calf kick or properly placed liver kick, you are far less likely to get into serious trouble just for protecting yourself with Muay Thai. Gilbert AZ, Mesa AZ and many other areas in Arizona are no stranger to the occasional dust up - and being prepared to deal with that in the least violent fashion is key.


     If you are interested in learning Muay Thai as a defense system then get in touch with us today and find out about our combined Muay Thai kickboxing classes!

Kids Muay Thai Classes

Kids Muay Thai class in Mesa AZ at Faction Combat - Kids class throws knees on pads

     Muay Thai is not just for adults. Our Muay Thai kids program is suitable for youths ages 5-12 and teaches them the fundamental techniques used in Muay Thai. Confidence, self-esteem, and practical fighting skills are just a few of the many benefits of Muay Thai for kids.


     Our structured kids Muay Thai training is taught seperate from the adults and integrated into our kids MMA program. The training involves shadowboxing, fundamental striking skills, pad work, conditioning, and plenty of fun! Rest assured you will see a positive change in your children through Muay Thai whether your child is competitive or just adding an excellent extracurricular activity to his or her schedule.

     Self-defense skills are one of the primary ways your child can stop bullying, especially when it becomes physical. When combined with the confidence boost, fitness, and community that comes with our Muay Thai kids program, your child will be ahead of the curve in terms of preventing themselves and others from being victimized by bullies.

Meet Your Muay Thai Instructor

Muay thai coach Gabe Guerrero at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts in Mesa, AZ

     Gabe Guerrero is our head Muay Thai coach and teaches the majority of our scheduled Muay Thai classes. Gabe has over 8 years of training and competing in Muay Thai including a spectacular victory in the 2021 US Muay Thai Open A Class tournament.

     Gabe has a passion for coaching Muay Thai beginners as well as helping advanced fighters reach the next level of competition. Gabe also trains in grappling, MMA, and combatives, which allows him to blend traditional Muay Thai with effective, modern self-defense for a truly comprehensive training experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Muay thai in Mesa, AZ, beginner class at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym.

Is Muay Thai good for self-defense?

     Yes, Muay Thai is an excellent method of self defense for a number of reasons. Perhaps chief among them is the fighting systems design, which makes it easy for a person to create or close distance via Muay Thai kicks such as the teep or "push kick" and calf or leg kicks. If you are interested in learning Muay Thai but aren't sure where to begin, doing an online search for a Muay Thai gym near me is a good start. Make sure you read their reviews before deciding, most gyms offer a free class in order for you to test the waters.

How often should I train Muay Thai?

     That depends entirely on your reasons for training Muay Thai. Arizona area gyms usually offer several classes per day with some of them covering all skill levels and others focused mostly on competition preparation. For most beginner level students it's recommended to take 1 class per day, 3 - 5 days per week. For those who are training for a tournament, amateur or professional fight, then 2 sessions per day 5 days a week and light training on the 6th day is often recommended. Make sure you communicate with your instructor or coach and ask them what they recommend for you. You do not want to overtrain and injure yourself, while at the same time you want to make sure you are getting enough training time in, so you can expand upon your understanding of Muay Thai kickboxing and overall skill level.

How long should I train Muay Thai before fighting?

     Typically for a professional fight you want to have a six month training camp, but that all depends on what your fight team and coaches decide. Everyone is different, so your coach will let you know how long you should train before you accept a fight in Muay Thai. Arizona is a great place to prepare for your fight due to its climate, altitude (depending on where you are of course) and access to challenging topography for cardio training. So fight camp duration may vary in this area.

What are the origins of Muay Thai?

     Contrary to popular belief, Muay Thai kickboxing was essentially created out of necessity for the 7 kingdoms of Siam to protect themselves during the period where Burma and Cambodia reigned supreme in South East Asia. It has its origins in Muay Khmer, an extremely effective form of combat and self defense implemented in the Khmer (Cambodian) army during that era. Muay Khmer was eventually transformed into Toi Muay, or just Muay during the 1600's and eventually into the modern Muay Thai kickboxing we know today. Muay Thai is currently the national sport in Thailand - its heritage is ingrained as deep as anything else in Thai culture, from Pad Thai and Pad Krapow to traditional Thai dancing and Tuk Tuks. There is certainly good reason as to why Muay Thai has become such an important cornerstone in the paradigm of mixed martial arts today. 


Muay Thai Classes in Mesa, AZ

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