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MMA Gym in Mesa AZ

MMA in mesa AZ - MMA class at Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym - MMA fighter demonstrating kick.

     If you are looking to train in mixed martial arts then look no further than our MMA gym in Mesa AZ. We offer a broad range of training that will teach you the best aspects of martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling and Krav Maga - while also showing you how to put the puzzle together into a complete, well rounded MMA game.


     Whether you are looking to train for fitness only, attend classes in MMA for beginners, are interested in testing the waters with sparring, or want to compete on a professional level - our MMA training in Mesa AZ is second to none. Come by the gym and see what we have to offer and learn how to train for MMA!

MMA for Competition and Self-Defense in Mesa, AZ

     Mixed martial arts (MMA) has been rising in popularity in recent years. This full-contact sport combines various techniques from different martial arts disciplines, such as boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and others. Mesa, AZ plays host to many of the most famous MMA fighters of present and past which has inspired some of the best MMA training in all of the United States - and we are the go-to MMA gym in Mesa AZ.

     Training in mixed martial arts is an incredibly rewarding experience for both the mind and the body - and having the right MMA trainer is imperative to your success. Our coaches are heavily experienced in multiple forms of martial arts and will bring that knowledge into your instruction. Whether you are looking to get into shape, learn MMA for self defense, or compete in mixed martial arts tournaments - we are your full service MMA training gym. Give us a call or pop by the gym and see what Faction Combat has on offer for you!

MMA for competition and self defense in Mesa, Arizona. Coach Maiston demonstrates superman punch during mma class.

MMA for Beginners - Beginner MMA Workout

mma classes for beginners in mesa, AZ. Coach Steve DeArmond oversees the beginner MMA class.

     At Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts Gym we offer MMA training for students of all levels. If you are looking for an excellent beginner MMA workout or want to follow your dreams of becoming a professional MMA fighter - you will find we have the facilities and coaching staff you need to either start or continue your journey. Get in touch with us today and find out about our classes in MMA for beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional level athletes.

     When it comes to mixed martial arts, everyone has to start somewhere. Our MMA classes for beginners will give you the opportunity to train with students of all levels - there is no progress without struggle - so pushing yourself in mixed martial arts is all part of the process. Whether you are interested in MMA for fitness training, or are considering taking the professional fighters path - Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts Gym is the right place for you.

MMA for Self-Defense

self defense MMA class - Coach Steve demonstrates MMA grappling on female Uke

     When it comes to self defense, incorporating multiple martial arts into your practice is one of the best ways to make sure you are ready for real world conflict. MMA training will help you to combine techniques from martial arts such as Krav Maga, Muay Thai kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu into a more complete understanding of yourself and your strengths - while honing in and building on any of your weaknesses. Our MMA gym in Mesa AZ will provide you with the proper tools to defend yourself in the most non-violent fashion possible.

     MMA for self defense is something we specialize in and it's important to us that you learn real life methods of self protection. In order to learn the most effective systems of self defense, you will need an experienced MMA trainer that understands the difference between fighting in a ring or cage and protecting yourself on the streets. The application is very different when you find yourself in a situation that you didn't see coming - understanding how to position yourself and be aware of your surroundings is a major part of protecting yourself that we teach in class.

MMA Competition Training - MMA Training in Mesa AZ

Faction Combat Mixed Martial Arts gym class - women throws kick at coach Steve DeArmond during sparring

     The spirit of competition is often a driving factor in a person deciding to take on MMA training. Our coaches and instructors are here to foster that competitive spirit through top level instruction in MMA training. Gym members that are preparing for an MMA tournament, competition, professional, or even amateur fight will find themselves right at home in our facility for MMA in Mesa AZ.

     Competition in mixed martial arts can be anything from a test of the physical self to a spiritual journey to better understand the self - and everywhere in between. Our goal is to prepare you for a war in the ring or cage, to push the limits in your MMA training camp, so that by the time you are stepping through the ropes, or walking into the cage - the hardest part is already behind you. Your confidence is only part of the equation when it comes to competing in mixed martial arts - the competency of your skill set and ability to execute a game plan is just as important. The only question now is, are you interested in training and competing in mixed martial arts? If so, then you have found the right MMA gym in Mesa AZ to get ready for your next fight!

Kids MMA

MMA Classes for Kids

kids mma class at faction combat mixed martial arts gym - mesa arizona. Coach Steve shows child how to escape choke hold.

     Our MMA classes for kids are the perfect way to get your child involved in something that will not only burn off the furious energy of childhood, but also teach them discipline. Enrolling your child in MMA training at a young age may even get them interested in a lifelong journey of focus and determination. Mixed martial arts training will give your child the chance to learn new skills, meet other kids with similar interests and allow them the space to grow within the constructs of multiple martial arts modalities.

     Kids are essentially sponges soaking up information. They are constantly learning and our MMA training for beginners and kids is a great place to have them test the waters and see if they enjoy training in martial arts. They will have the chance to learn many forms of martial arts in a single class - unlike enrolling them in a single modality such as karate. Where one child may excel at Muay Thai, another may find their place and strengths in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - this is one reason why exposing children to different forms is so important. A kid that has only trained in Taekwondo and didn't enjoy or excel at it may never know they were born a gifted wrestler or Muay Thai kickboxer. Our MMA classes for kids will give them the opportunity to find out what they enjoy and then work from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

MMA class at Faction Combat in Mesa AZ. Women throws kick at pad with Coach Steve

Is MMA good for self defense?

     Mixed martial arts (MMA) has been on the rise in popularity in recent years. This full-contact sport combines various techniques from different martial arts disciplines, such as boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and others. MMA gyms will typically offer classes for both competition and MMA for self defense. Whether you are looking to get into shape, learn self-defense skills, or compete in MMA tournaments, there are MMA training facilities for every level of expertise. If you are interested in learning mixed martial arts but don't know where to start, doing an online search for Beginner MMA gyms near me is a great place to start. Have a look at their reviews and if they look good, then you should visit the gym to see if the style, facilities and atmosphere are right for you.

Do MMA fighters train everyday?

     Professional mixed martial arts fighters all approach MMA training differently depending on virtually every opponent. Also every MMA training gym will typically have a different approach and build a fight camp around the fighter. Often while an MMA fighter is preparing for a fight there will be multiple stages to the fight camp, with certain stages having the fighter training for 3 hours, twice a day for 5 days a week and a light single session on the 6th day. It is usual for fighters to scale back MMA training and sparring up to two weeks before the fight. This is usually to avoid injury and focus on weight cutting. 

How long should you train before your first MMA fight?

     If you are training beginner MMA and are interested in taking a fight, then it is best to approach your coaches and trainers and ask them where they think you are with your MMA training and skill level. The coach is always the one who will make that decision. If you are going to fight a kickboxing "Smoker", the timelines between training and the fight will be different than preparing for an amateur MMA fight for a local organization.

What age is a good age to start training for MMA?

     In recent years it has become apparent that kids can start as young as they do with any other martial art or sport. The earlier your child can begin MMA training is often the better. Good gyms teach kids self discipline, focus and techniques that will not only help them defend themselves against bullying, but give them the tools to resolve situations in as non-violent a way as possible. Taking your child to an MMA gym for a consultation is recommended; the coaches will be able to assess if they are ready to begin MMA training or not. If you don't know what gym is best for your child, then you can do a quick search for MMA for kids near me and filter through the results and their reviews.


MMA Classes in Mesa, AZ

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