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Self Defense Seminars & Workshops

No Currently Scheduled Workshops/Seminars

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Self Defense Workshops & Seminars

FACTION Combatives regularly holds various seminars throughout the year. Sometimes we host phenomenal instructors from around the world, and sometimes we hold them ourselves. Whether you are interested in a Krav Maga workshop, a Martial Blade Concepts edged weapon seminar, a Kembativz Brand seminar, or a Womens Self Defense workshop. We've got you covered! Not all of our seminars are large events. We occasionally hold group workshops for kids, women, Realtors, Police and more!

Most seminars & workshops are held at our main location deep in the East Valley between Gilbert and Queen Creek. However, we occasionally find ourselves having fun workshops in the park while the weather is nice. Other times we hit the road, doing seminars in nearby cities, other states, and even other countries. Come join us for one of our self defense events! You will be glad you made it.

Kembativz Seminar Phoenix
Muay Thai Inner Leg Kicks - Seminar
Self Defense - Workshop in Gilbert
Women Weapon Self Defense - Workshop
Women Self Defense - Seminar
Knife Self Defense - Seminar in QC
Kembativz Self Defense Seminar
Krav Maga - Seminar in Gilbert
Self Defense Workshop in East Valley
Boxing - Seminar in Queen Creek
Krav Maga Like Workshop East Valley
Ground Self Defense - BJJ in Gilbert
Boxing - Workshop in East Valley
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