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Best Time to Start Training

When is the is the best time to start training? Short answer: NOW!

People often come in to the gym and ask questions like when they should start training or what skills they need to learn before they start working with us. The thing is there is nothing you need to go do prior. Our instructors will guide you on your journey to better yourself regardless of whether your goal is to learn self-defense, gain better fitness, learn to compete, or simply for more confidence and discipline. If you are asking what you can do to continue improving yourself outside of the gym, just ask your instructor. They will happily give you skills, drills, or workouts you can do at home to better prepare yourself for class.

Sometimes we get a response like, “I need to start working out before I can jump in to your classes”. That is simply a fallacy. The whole purpose of our classes is to improve you in all areas. We will take you from beginning and help to develop you quickly. Besides if you hadn’t been motivated to get yourself in shape previously, why would that suddenly change now. Let your coach hold you accountable and get you in the shape you are looking for. All of our classes are designed so you can jump in at any skill level and in any shape. We don’t expect everyone to be moving around like a Muhammad Ali in order to train with us.

If you are training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, our coach will get you in shape and teach you the skills for BJJ no matter how you start. If your goal is our MMA / Kickboxing classes, our coach will push you to reach the level of fitness you want or need. If it is self-defense you seek, you need to be able to defend yourself as you are anyways. So let us help you improve in those areas to get you to better defend yourself.

So don’t put it off. If you procrastinate now, you will only continue to do so later. Many times people that procrastinated to start initially only end up coming in later after they have an incident or some sort of realization. So rip it off like a band-aid and get your butt on the mat. Your coach will help you take it from there!

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